FLHS Clapton Coils | Blue

Clapton Coils
Blue, Clapton Coils
About This Project

Thrill of cloud making
Perfect variety of e-juice

The design of the FLHS Coil enhances the vaping experience with a 100% increase in vaporization performance producing a flawless experience. Not only is it compatible with most atomizers, but it also creates a rich flow of vape and filling vape capacity with the perfect temperature and taste.

Cloud: ✰✰✰
Temperature: ✰
Taste: ✰✰✰✰✰

26ga Anarchist Wire Ni80 x 2
36ga Twisted Messes Ni80 x 1

Coil Diameter – 3.0mm
Wrapped – 5 loops

Single Coil – 0.28±0.04
Dual Coil – 0.14±0.02